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Can Lack of Facility Security Jeopardize Your Business?

Jun 09, 2022 / Facility management


As a facility manager or building owner, your main responsibility is to keep your employees, visitors, and assets safe. 

You may not be surprised to learn the following statistics from a recent study:

According to the “2022 State of Protective Intelligence Report –– Heightened Threats, Business Continuity and Advancing Protective Intelligence: Perception Versus Reality In Corporate America,” commissioned by the Ontic Center for Protective Intelligence:

  •     88% of business owners agree that companies are experiencing a dramatic increase in physical threat activity.
  •     85% agree the physical threat landscape has significantly expanded.

The best way to ensure your facility doesn’t fall prey to a security breach is by creating a comprehensive facility security plan. When it comes to facility security, the last thing you want is to be reactive or inconsistent!

How to improve business facility security and safety

Here are some factors to consider when it comes to facility management security:

Start with an audit

Facility security starts with a thorough evaluation of your current system. Your facilities management security audit should identify any threats that could disrupt your business or its operations. The nature of the threats depends on your facility’s operations, but they may include theft, vandalism, physical threats to employees, and damage to your building or its systems. Different types of buildings have different security requirements and not all areas within each facility have the same parameters.  

After completing your audit, document your goals for your security system—the more detailed, the better. 

Access control 

Determine who should have access and how. To control access, limit the number of entrances and exits and make sure everyone is screened by a security system or staff member. If some people are authorized to work in one part of a building but not another, your control system should only allow specific access to those spaces. At the same time, you want to make sure everyone can get into the spaces they need in order to do their jobs.  

Video surveillance

In today’s high-tech world, there are numerous choices when it comes to security cameras. When installed inside and outside your building, surveillance can act as a crime deterrent to theft, record vandals or thieves for police identification, and monitor visitors who come into your facility. 

Surveillance cameras also add to your employee’s sense of security. On the flip side, when monitorable cameras are present, workers tend to be more productive. 

When choosing a security camera for your facility, carefully evaluate its features, such as whether or not you can access it via the internet, so you can choose the one that is most appropriate for your facility.

Alarm systems 

Most modern alarm systems send alerts to your security company, which will trigger a response team to spring into operation. Many also alert local law enforcement, and you, as the facility manager, or another person designated in charge in case of an emergency.


To help maximize building security, all areas should be well-lit, including the exterior. Outside lights protect your employees as they leave work, especially if your parking lot is very large. Like video surveillance, bright exterior lights can help deter crime, as criminals don’t want to be easily seen and risk getting caught. Consider motion-activated lights to alert whoever is monitoring the property when someone is close by. 

Plan your emergency response 

Your emergency response plan is one of the most crucial aspects of improving business facility security

Develop a communication chain of command so that those at the top, whether it is you or someone else you designated, will be able to respond and have the means to reach everyone in the facility in the event of an emergency. Assign at least one backup in case the person at the top isn’t available. 

Lastly, create guidelines and procedures for securing the property and its occupants in the event of a threat. 

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