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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

Your commercial space says a lot about who you are as a facilities manager, as a company, and as a brand. And if your carpets are looking tired and dingy, or are covered in spots and dirty traffic patterns, there’s a chance they may not be representing you the way you want them to.

Your carpets don’t just speak to who you are as a company, they also are an investment in your building. If carpets are damaged and stained beyond repair, it could wind up costing you quite a bit to have them removed and replaced. 

The solution to both of these problems? You need professional commercial carpet cleaning services to remove dirt, dust, and grime from your carpets and keep them looking their best for as long as possible so you can extend the overall lifespan of your carpets. At Southwest Cleaning, we have the tools and the techniques to care for your carpets so you always make the right impression.

Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning Services

At Southwest Cleaning, we take carpet cleaning very seriously. For this reason, we use only the top cleaning methods to care for the carpet in your large commercial facility—while also ensuring you can get back to work immediately with no break in productivity. 

To accomplish all this, our teams use a low-moisture encapsulation carpet cleaning method to clean carpets. How does this work?

We begin our encapsulation cleaning system by applying a cleaning solution that is composed of a crystallizing acrylic polymer. This cleaning solution is the secret to the impressive cleaning power of encapsulation carpet cleaning. The ingredients in this cleaning formula are specifically designed to break down the bond between dirt, grease, and grime in your carpet fibers. 

 Our encapsulation carpet cleaners work quickly to provide you with the best possible results. 

Using an agitating machine, we work the encapsulation cleaning solution deep into the fibers of the carpet. This agitation makes it easier to break down the bond between the soil and the carpet fibers, mixing the cleaning product with the soil and residue. The cleaning solution chemically bonds with each soil particle, completely surrounding it.

Once this encapsulation cleaning solution is dry, that’s when the magic really happens. The solution crystallizes making the residue non-sticky. When the cleaning solution has crystallized with all of the dirt in your carpet? We vacuum the crystals away—and the dirt right along with it. 

Benefits of Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning

Carpet encapsulation is a great choice for large commercial facilities for many reasons. For starters, not all commercial carpet cleaning services are created equal. Some services use lots of water, resulting in wastewater discharge that gets poured down the drain, potentially polluting our waterways. With carpet encapsulation however, you typically use about 1 gallon of water per 300 square feet—with no wastewater.

Why else should you consider encapsulation carpet cleaning services for your commercial space?

  • Encapsulation carpet cleaning isn’t just effective; it’s fast, making it ideal for large facilities over 10,000 square feet. Carpet encapsulation can be conducted at rates of up to 2,000 to 3,000 square feet per hour, giving you professionally-cleaned carpets in a flash. 
  • Encapsulation carpet cleaning is a low-moisture system, which means it’s quick-drying so you can get back to work almost immediately. 
  • With carpet encapsulation, there’s no wicking or recurring spill stains—the encapsulation cleaning solution traps all of the soil particles on the first go, removing it all at once.

Lubbock’s Preferred Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service

Don’t waste time online searching for “carpet cleaners near me,” only to be let down by commercial carpet cleaning companies that don’t know how to properly care for your carpets. Southwest Cleaning will send friendly, experienced, thoroughly-trained professionals to protect your flooring investment and restore your carpet to its original glory.

Located in Lubbock, we proudly serve clients throughout the South Plains region, cleaning all kinds of floors—including carpets—in the following areas:

Our goal for almost 30 years has been to offer exceptional cleaning services to our neighboring businesses. From carpet cleaning to day porter services, disinfection and janitorial services, carpet cleaning, and more, we’ve worked hard to become the best at what we do so we can be your one-stop-shop for all of your cleaning needs. Rather than being forced to spend time searching for different agencies for each of your needed cleaning services, why not just go with the same company you trust for everything? 

When you need effective carpet cleaning services to refresh the look of your carpets, we’re here for you. Check out what some of our satisfied clients have to say, then request a free quote today to see how we can extend the life of your carpet and keep your facility looking its very best.

Your business is unique. Therefore, you deserve an office cleaning program tailored to fit your specific needs. Since 1991 Southwest Cleaning has provided the highest quality Lubbock commercial cleaning and Lubbock janitorial services.

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