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Commercial Cleaning Service in Post

At the crossroads of U.S. Routes 84 and 380, you’ll find the small town of Post, Texas. While it’s small, Post charms visitors and residents alike. 

From the downtown historic district to the drive-in to the rodeo stadium, local business owners like yourself take pride in the town in which you live and run your business. You make it your priority to put your best foot forward in every way possible. You want to showcase Post’s southern charm while also proving that its businesses are some of the best around. 

What if we told you that Southwest Cleaning had a way to take your first impressions to another level? All you have to do is choose to work with our Post commercial cleaning service and we’ll take it from there. 

A Comprehensive Post Commercial Cleaning Service

One of the greatest things about working with Southwest Cleaning is that we are your one-stop-shop when it comes to your commercial cleaning needs. With years of experience, we’ll be able to handle whatever kind of business you run in Post, large or small, no matter how dirty it might be.

When we say comprehensive we mean it. We offer the services of:

We love working with local businesses— we’re a local business ourselves! Other companies will say they care about the success of your business but not show it. You can ask our current customers. We always deliver and are super friendly. 

Southwest Cleaning does the exact opposite. We’ll provide you a clean that you can see and feel and makes you feel welcomed into your workspace day in and day out. You can ask our current customers — we always deliver and are super friendly.  

Industries We Serve in Post

The main highlight of working with Southwest Cleaning is our ability to be versatile in the industries we serve in Post. Due to our certifications and training, we work within even the most sanitary environment, including hospitals and medical labs. 

The main industries we serve include: 

  • Medical Facilities: Your medical facility needs to be clean and sanitized to the highest level possible to keep both you and your patients safe. 
  • Offices: Once one person in the office gets something, so does everyone else. Stop that from happening with our expert commercial cleaning service. 
  • Financial Institutions: People won’t be trusting you with their money if they walk into dirty floors and foggy windows. 
  • Car Showrooms: The point of a showroom is to be sparkling clean and encourage a sale. We can help you achieve just that. 
  • Construction Areas: Construction sites can cause a slew of health problems from allergies to asthma. Let an expert commercial cleaning company handle the dirt for you. 

Trustworthy Janitorial Services

Our janitorial services are the perfect option for your business if you’re looking for a daily clean that can keep up. We can provide it daily, weekly or even monthly, although daily is always the best choice. 

With a daily janitorial service, you can rest assured that all dirt, germs and bacteria are gone before you come to work the next day. You’ll also know that the little things are handled such as taking the trash out and restocking the toilet paper.

The main services we provide in our janitorial package include: 

  • Office and Lobby cleaning
  • Waste removal
  • Breakroom cleaning
  • Restroom sanitation and restocking
  • Floorcare
  • Window cleaning 
  • Upholstery cleaning 

Disinfection Services To Keep You Safe

Our professional disinfecting services are top-tier compared to any other office cleaning company in the area. Our Post commercial cleaning service uses high-quality technologies, spraying disinfectant in your space from top to bottom.  

All of our cleaners are EPA-approved and safe to the touch just a short time after use. We also use microfiber cloths for the harder to reach areas and surfaces. 

Our disinfection is specifically focused on the following high-touch areas, lessening the chance of spreading germs and viruses around. 

  • Doorknobs
  • Light Switches
  • Elevators and buttons
  • Meeting rooms
  • Drinking fountains
  • Shared electronics 
  • Sinks

Pair this service with a deep carpet clean or floorcare and your office cleaning services will be good to go. 

The Premier Post Commercial Cleaning Service

You’ll love working with our commercial office cleaning services as much as our other clients do. Don’t believe us? Just look at the facts. 

When you work with us you get: 

  • A dedicated cleaning team for your services
  • A unique and personalized cleaning plan that fits your budget
  • The ability to put more time and effort into the things that matter
  • The chance to save money 
  • Peace of mind your business is safe and clean 

If you’re ready to hire our expert commercial cleaning services for your Post business, reach out to us on our website today for a free quote.

Your business is unique. Therefore, you deserve an office cleaning program tailored to fit your specific needs. Since 1991 Southwest Cleaning has provided the highest quality Lubbock commercial cleaning and Lubbock janitorial services.

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