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The impact of Commercial Cleaning Robots in the industry

Jul 08, 2022 / Facility management


As a facility manager or business owner, you want to provide an immaculate space for your tenants and employees. Today’s forward-thinking commercial cleaners are using a variety of tools to provide you with the results you desire, including commercial cleaning robots.

Robots are revolutionizing a variety of industries, and commercial cleaning is no exception. Many large national retailers have already embraced commercial cleaning robots due to their many advantages, and the popularity of these devices is sure to continue to rise.  

The global robotic vacuum cleaner market is growing exponentially. It was valued at $5.55 billion in 2021 and is projected to top $15 billion by 2027. The entire global cleaning robot market is expected to reach a whopping $38,142.05 million by 2029

Here are some of the many advantages of commercial cleaning robots 

1. Less labor 

As is the case in many sectors, today’s commercial cleaning industry is suffering from a labor shortage along with rising costs. Commercial cleaning robots allow commercial cleaning companies to undertake robotic cleaning tasks two to three times faster than traditional cleaning methods. This allows cleaning companies to provide the exceptional services that you are entitled to expect at reasonable prices. 

2. Data for better performance

Commercial cleaning robots use data to standardize the cleaning process. Data allows commercial cleaning companies to capture and measure performance, show quantifiable data of their effectiveness, and provide and prove superior results. 

3. Less noise

Robotic floor cleaners are quieter than their nonrobotic counterparts and include sensors that prevent them from hitting and damaging objects or falling down the stairs.

4.  24/7 performance

Unlike humans, who get tired and require breaks, commercial cleaning robots can run 24 hours a day, seven days a week, resulting in speedier cleaning and less downtime for your facility.  

5. Maximize the effectiveness 

Commercial cleaning robots can take on many redundant, repetitive tasks, which frees up workers to focus their efforts and attention on detail-oriented tasks that only people can perform.

Further, operator error means that up to 15% of a space may not get adequately cleaned using traditional mopping or sweeping. Autonomous cleaning devices help avoid that pitfall. 

6. Safety 

Humans get tired and lose focus, which can result in mistakes, especially during overnight shifts. The result can include dangerous or costly accidents. Commercial cleaning robots can be programmed for reliability and consistency. They also often have built-in safety features, such as sensors, lasers, and cameras, to safeguard against accidents.  

7. Disinfection with UV lights

Many commercial cleaning robots use ultra-violet radiation for disinfecting cleaning services. While this method of removing bacteria has been around for decades, mounting UV lights on cleaning robots is a newer technology that has gained momentum due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

UV disinfection combined with commercial cleaning robots is especially effective at killing viruses and bacteria. And because this method is touchless, it is faster than wiping down surfaces with a cloth.

8. Tackle hard-to-reach spots 

Because most commercial floor cleaning robots are compact, they can easily access hard-to-reach spots, such as under cabinets or tables, providing you with more thorough results. 

9. Improve peace of mind for tenants and employees 

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers and workers are more concerned than ever when it comes to health and hygiene in the workplace.  Commercial cleaning robots are helping meet those heightened demands and ensure you provide a safe, healthy, and pristine facility. 

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